Enjoy the magic of the sakura (cherry blossom) flowers as The Lobby is decorated with beautiful, towering cherry blossom trees.

The Peninsula Tokyo’s signature restaurant Peter collaborates with four award-winning Japanese artisan chefs via a limited edition culinary series with original menus featuring specially sourced local ingredients.

Each artisan chef will be taking up residence at Peter for one weekend only, partnering with Chef de Cuisine Masateru Kiriyama to create special lunch and dinner menus. The chefs have been hailed as groundbreaking luminaries at the forefront of Japan’s culinary landscape. These renowned figures with exceptional talent and vision are admired by food critics and the most discerning guests from all over the world, and will bring a depth of knowledge and experience to Peter, together with Chef Kiriyama. Chef Kiriyama and the four decorated chefs will prepare a special menu of seven courses over two days each month from August to November 2018.

PETER (Chef de Cuisine Masateru Kiriyama)

Chef Kiriyama takes the reigns in Peter’s kitchen as Chef de Cuisine by focusing on quality local ingredients and by infusing Japanese essence into his creations, utilizing Japanese ingredients and condiments such as white soy sauce, wasabi, green Sansho pepper and Japanese pickled vegetables to bring out well-balanced, unique flavors for both Japanese and international guests to enjoy.

GION NISHIKAWA (Chef Masayoshi Nishikawa)

Chef Masayoshi Nishikawa is the chef-owner of two Michelin-starred Gion Nishikawa where he showcases the sublime art of kaiseki, the quintessential Japanese haute cuisine. Chef Nishikawa offers an opportunity for diners to use all their senses while enjoying the best of Japan’s seasonal and locally sourced produce.

DEN (Chef Zaiyu Hasegawa)

Chef Zaiyu Hasegawa is the owner of Den, awarded two Michelin stars in the Michelin Guide Tokyo and ranked Number 2 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018. In the recent 2018 awarding of The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants, Den was ranked Number 17 and was recognized as the highest climber, having leaped from its former 45th spot to 17th. Chef Hasegawa focuses on creative and playful presentation in his modern and imaginative kaiseki menu.


TAKAZAWA (Chef Yoshiaki Takazawa)

Chef Takazawa combines traditional Japanese hospitality with complex and imaginative French-Japanese fusion dishes. His exclusive 10-seater restaurant, Aronia de Takazawa, has been named in the U.S. Food & Wine Magazine’s World’s Top 10 Life-Changing Restaurants.

FLORILÈGE (Chef Hiroyasu Kawate)

Chef Hiroyasu Kawate is the chef-owner of Florilège, awarded two Michelin stars in the Michelin Guide Tokyo and ranked Number 3 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018. Meaning anthology in French, Florilège combines the exquisite styles and techniques of classic French cuisine with the freshest, locally sourced Japanese produce and ingredients.

Throughout the series, diners can expect a gastronomic experience celebrating creativity and unique flavors that will not be forgotten.